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Recently I was checking in on my favourite fairy gardening website (other that ours!) as I’d been waiting for Donni from The Magic Onions to launch her world famous annual fairy garden contest. It seems she’s started a new website, Fairy Gardens, which is dedicated solely to fairy gardening and is hosting the contest this year – but more on that later.

On her blog, Donni has shared this enchanting fairy home her family discovered while planting irises at the bottom of her garden.

“There was moss and magic everywhere… sparkles and fairy dust” she writes. She also tells how the tiny book had minute writing in fairy language and they wondered if it told of magical fairy spells and potions, and how they heard a faint giggle as they gasped in amazement watching the acorn chandelier turn on and off. I was intrigued by the fairy food that popped in their mouths when they tried it. Our fairies often gift human food, usually taken from our fridge. How wonderful this fairy food must be.

I must have left the computer open on the blog overnight, because the next morning we woke to find the fairies had gathered many bits and pieces including moss, gold mirrors, large leaves, dried paper daisies and a gooseberry pod skeleton. We could only assume they wanted us to create something so delightful for them too.

Here’s what we made – and they seemed to approve! The next morning, the whole room was covered with a gold sparkle and the straw basket on the log table which held some moss and a toadstool, now also held a tiny key. We are yet to discover what this key opens…


Fairy Garden Contest
Enter your garden in Donni’s Fairy Garden Contest, just like last year’s runner up, Elke, did with her family’s wonderful ‘Peach Blossom Cottage and Gardens’. You can read all about it here and here. If you don’t yet have a fairy garden to enter in this year’s contest, be sure to head over to the Fairy Gardens website to check out the wonderful inspiration and tutorials. Then come on back to our website for more inspiration and to choose your favourite fairies and accessories.

Click the image below to view details on how to enter the contest. Entries close 15 September 2015.



We’d love to see more of our customers enter this year. Please let us know if you do so we can share your gardens here and on our social pages.

Good luck!

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