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Thursday, May 21 2015
When creating an inviting place in the garden for the fairies, you may wish to include a fairy home just incase the fairies would like to take up residence or have a holiday home in the human realm. We stock a range of houses in various sizes and styles, or you can make use of the natural elements in your yard. Add a door and accessories to a tree, an old tree stump or a cut log then plant a garden around it and watch the fairies weave their magic around their new home. 
Here are some of our favourites for your inspiration:
If you don't have a large tree or a stump in your yard, you could try carving a door into a log to position anywhere in your garden. I love the simplicity of these and they are easily acheivable for anyone with a little patience and a spare afternoon or two. 
               source: unknown (via pinterest); source: My Little Fairy Garden
This set up by farmhouse 38 is basic - just a door, mushrooms and a path - yet it's completely charming. Here are the before and after photos.
For this garden, a friend was removing a hollow tree from their property and Marie and her husband could see its potential for more than just firewood. They positioned the cut logs together to create this log 'villiage'. The photos show the progress of one of those log homes over 3 years. Inside this hollow log is a secrect fairy door hidden amongst a garden. You can see that with a little time and patience, the growth of the plants (particularly the fern inside the log) now create an enchanting space for the fairies.
source: Marie Martin via facebook
This whimsical home is a stump that has been carved on location. The detail is incredible, including the exposed root that has become a stairway leading into this grand fairy abode.
Without a doubt, US site The Magic Onions is one of the best websites for fairy garden inspiration, with their annual fairy gardening competition. If you have a spare afternoon (or three) check it out. These photos show a stump which was styled by the children in this home. The stump was hollow in the top so they were able to put a plant in it, creating a charming a mossy rooftop.
I don't think there is anything more charming in a fairy garden than an old tree stump fairy home. They can be as simple or elaberate as you, or your fairies, wish them to be and styled however the surrounding landscape inspires. If you have a tree, a stump or a log that would make the perfect fairy home, we'd love to help you create an enchanting place for your fairies to visit, with our range of miniatures and personalised advice.
** Stay tuned (via our newsletter and social pages) for a look at our very own stump village. Work has begun on this wonderful project and we will be sharing the progress as it happens.

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