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Sunday, August 31 2014

So my daughter doesn't actually need an invitation to jump in muddy puddles, but having the fairies suggest it on a rainy day added extra magic to an already fun activity.

Like many 3 year olds, Miss C is a huge Peppa Pig fan and thanks to Peppa I'm often quoting Mummy Pig on a rainy day - "If you jump in muddy puddles you must wear your boots"! So that inspired me to incorporate Peppa and puddle jumping into our latest fairy visit. 

This scene was created by laying a sheet of green felt down for grass and cut out brown felt 'muddy puddles'. I had a little toy Peppa figurine but if you don't have one a picture of Peppa stuck to the wall would work just as well. Peppa has a red bucket filled with 'water' and by the door is her red bike (bike riding is another one of Peppa's favourite activities). To complete the scene I cut cloud shapes out of dark grey card and stuck them to the wall. Lastly, I included Miss C's well used gumboots and a note from the fairies.

I had this one prepped for a while just waiting for the perfect rainy day, which finally came last week. I was even lucky enough to catch her reaction in the morning as I was leaving her baby brother's bedroom. It was still dark outside but with her (rather bright) nightlight, Miss C could see from her bed that something had been left outside her fairy door. At first it was confusion as she lay in bed looking at the scene, until I asked what was up, then her face changed to a huge smile. "Mum the fairies left something" she wispered. As I looked in she hopped out of bed for a closer look. First she noticed her Peppa Pig toy and the little bike, that probably would have been good enough, but then she asked about her boots and the little note which was laying over them. It simply read - Have fun jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Love from your fairies xxx.  Something this simple gave her so much joy and made jumping in muddy puddles even more fun! 

It doesn't have to take much effort to keep up with fairy visits. I find things from around the home that maybe haven't been played with or used for a while and add a sprinkling of fairy dust for extra magic. Sometimes those cheeky fairies 'borrow' favourite foods out of the fridge to put by the door, like strawberries or bananas. They may leave colouring pages or make a fresh batch of playdough. We do put the occasional sweet treat or newly purchased items to reward good behaviour, but mostly we just leave things from around the house to prompt play. Activities are far more exciting if the fairies have suggested it, rather than when Mum puts it out when she just needs some quiet time!

We'd love to hear what the fairies have left at your loved one's door.

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