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Thursday, March 27 2014

When starting your fairy garden, you can make it as simple or as detailed as you like. A few plants and some fairy furniture is a great starting point, then let the kids add their own personal touches. We have gathered some ideas for DIY accents for your fairy garden or the garden in general, that would be great fun to make and will keep the kids creating for hours.

  • Paint pottery fairy doors or mushrooms.
  • Old gumboot fairy home - paint the boot then glue on a fairy door. Drill a few holes in the sole for drainage then fill with potting mix and add a plant.
  • Pot fairy home - turn a pot on its side and decorate by gluing old/broken jewelery, watch, mirror, beads, buttons, shells etc.
  • Elf teepee home - tie sticks in the shape of a teepee and weave long leaves or fabric to make the walls.
  • Child size teepee - place stakes securely in the ground in a teepee shape and plant climbing peas or beans. As they grow it will create a great hiding spot for the kids.
  • Stone bugs - paint stones to look like ladybugs or group painted stones to create a caterpillar.
  • Stepping stones - make from plaster, concrete or clay. Add hand and foot prints or prints using objects from around the house and garden.
  • Wind chimes - recycle old tins, spoons or anything else that makes a nice sound.
  • Milk carton bird feeders - cut out a hole in the side, paint and embellish. Fill with seed or fruit then hang from a tree.
  • Bird food ornaments - coat wooden shapes in a natural nut butter and press into native birdseed.
  • Bird bath - using different sized terracotta pots turn them upside down and stack. Glue a saucer on top to hold the water.  Paint the pots for extra fun.
  • Personalised pots - paint a terracotta pot then coat with a water based varnish to protect your design.

For more ideas, plus photo examples and credits of the above, please view our Pinterest page. 

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