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Dino Race Garden by Miss C

Spring is a such beautiful time to get out into the garden with the kids, so earlier this month I gave Miss C (who is almost 5) the opportunity to create a fairy garden all by herself. She chose the plants, theme and accessories – and she put the whole thing together with very little input from me.

We started at the garden centre. She chose some plants that she recognised, with flowers in her favourite colours – purples and pinks of course!

The next day we set about planning her garden. We discussed what she would like to put in this garden and she decided it would be dinosaurs. Luckily her little brother had some figurines she could use. I also let her to choose some fairy items from my display stock and as soon as she saw the party flags she was inspired to create a Dinosaur race.

She collected a few other things she liked for the race – an arbour for the starting line, a seat if they needed a rest, a bridge crossing and a birdbath to drink from. She also wanted to add a fairy but wasn’t sure which one to choose, so I suggested it looked like May Fairy was starting the race. She then asked me to create a flag out of stripy ribbon and wire, which worked perfectly.

Miss C chose some Aussie animals to participate in the race and it turned out that no-one could beat Kangaroo, with her big strong bouncy legs! May Fairy had much joy waving the flag and declaring her the winner!

I love getting into the garden with Miss C. It’s always so wonderful to see where her imagination will lead when she is creating these gardens. This one is her current favourite, she’s been out playing with it most days since. I’m happy to report that all the animals have participated in the race and Miss C even made a little medal from some tin foil which was presented to Mr Triceratops!

As always, we’d love to hear about the imaginative play your children enjoy in their miniature gardens.

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