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DIY Halloween Spook for your Fairy Garden

Even thought Halloween isn’t traditionally celebrated in Australia, I live in an area with many young families so on Hallooween night we always have a few adorable little Trick or Treaters visit. I love adding a few simple decorations around the front of the house so the neighbours know they are welcome, and this year I wanted to add some spook to the fairy garden by our front door too. There is no need to go to huge expense, and after spending some time on Pinterest searching for inspiration I came up with a bunch of spooky but not too scary DIY accents for the fairy garden.


Rock Pumpkins – Created by painting some interesting shaped small rocks orange, painting on green leaf detail and finally drawing on those spookily adorable little faces.


Scare crow – To protect those little pumpkins I created this scarecrow using sewn scraps of material for simple clothes (but you could use barbie or similar dolls clothes). I used wire to secure the stick frame together and also to secure the twiggy legs. I stuffed him with a little pillow filling then added a gumnut head and straw hat.


Witches Broomstick – Using the fallen twiggy branches from our Tipuana tree, I gathered them together around a thicker stick ‘handle’ and fastened with an elastic band.


Witches Coldren – I simply painted a large gumnut black! The fire was created with a piece of an artificial flower I had laying around and painted it red, then threaded it onto the gumnut stem, then placed it on stones.

Friendly Ghosts – The gumnuts got a coat of white paint before I glued on scraps of white fabric, then drew on the spooky faces. I also glued on stick picks to keep them ‘floating’ in place in the garden.

And there you have five simple DIY Halloween decorations that could be done by an adult or the kids, that compliment our regular range of fairy garden miniatures.

Will you be adding some Halloween spook to your fairy garden? We’d love to see a photo if you do.

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