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Wild Thyme Fairy Tea Party Blog

My daughter enjoys hosting her own little tea parties so when our acorn tea sets arrived (just like something Tinkerbell may have made) I knew she would love helping me create a fairy tea party garden.

This simple little garden was put together in a 30cm plastic pot. The plants used are (from left to right) Cineraria Silverdust, Common Pratia (ground cover with little white star shape flowers in spring and summer) Forget-Me-Not & Golden Sagina. All the plants selected are suitable for part shade to full sun. I’ve used stones to cover the dirt until the ground cover spreads – this helps to deter those little fingers from digging up the soil. A round of wood placed on top of the stones acts as a little picnic area for the tea set. A large flat stone would also work nicely.

As I thought, it didn’t take long before Wild Thyme Fairy was enjoying a delightful cup of rainbow tea with my little miss. Have the fairies in your garden enjoyed a tea party lately?

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