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Everyone loves the EGG-citement of an egg hunt on Easter morning – but the sugar overload that can follow – not so much. That’s why the My Little Fairy Garden fairies and the Easter Bunny got together last year and came up with a chocolate-free alternative gift that was sure to keep kids and parents happy, not just Easter morning, but the whole day long and many more days after.

Instead of chocolate eggs for the hunt, the Easter Bunny fills hollow plastic eggs with fairy gardening miniatures for the kids to find.

This year we’ve given EB a little helping hand by choosing our most delicious fairy garden accessories, all of which fit nicely inside larger sized hollow plastic eggs, and put them together into three super cute Easter Fairy Gardening Kits.

Once all the eggs have been collected, the magic continues as they spend the day imagining fairy stories while creating their fairy garden. EB may also leave a pot, soil and plants if you don’t already have a suitable space in your garden. If there is more than one child participating in the egg hunt, EB may leave certain coloured eggs for each child to find.

Whether you wish to limit the chocolate treats or go completely sugar-free, this fairy garden option is a great alternative for a super-sweet Easter without the tummy ache!

So hop to it and get your limited edition Easter Fairy Gardening Kit now… and enjoy a magical Easter!

Rabbit's Easter Picnic - this kit could fill up to 16 hollow eggs.
Fairy and Enchanted Easter Friends - this kit can fill up to 10 plastic eggs.
Gem Fairy's Easter Tea Party - this kit could fill up to 12 hollow plastic eggs.

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