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Getting Creative with Containers

Fairy gardening is all about telling a story and the container that you choose can play a large part in that story you are trying to tell.

It can be as simple as letting the colour or texture of a pot inspire your theme, such as a wavey blue pot for a fun beach scene or a fiery red colour for your dragons.

But you don’t need to limit yourself to a pot. Re-purposing old items from around the home can have a huge impact too. Imagine an old BBQ set up with a mini picnic scene, a boat with a fishing theme, a slide filled with a fairy playground, or a tea party in a teacup.

Querky containers are fun but there are a few simple requirements when choosing a successful container.

Firstly, the container needs to be able to hold a reasonable amount of soil. While some plants, like succulents, have smaller root balls and require very little soil, others will need a little more room to thrive and stay happy. Also keep in mind the less soil there is the quicker the soil will dry out and the more frequently you will need to water.

Secondly, it needs to be able to drain freely after watering. If it doesn’t already have holes then you will need to drill a few in the base of your container. If you’d prefer not to drill holes into the container then you can create a terrarium with layers of gravel, spagnum moss and gardening charcoal. See here for terrarium instructions.

Thirdly, you will need to protect it. If the container you’ve chosen is not a purpose built pot, you may need to line the interior with plastic and protect the exterior with varnish or paint to reduce weathering.

So, when you build your next fairy garden, get creative with your container, think ‘outside the pot’ and have fun telling your fairy story. As always, we love to see what you create. Send in your photos to be featured in our inspiration gallery so others can be inspired by your creativity.

Happy Fairy Gardening!

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