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From time to time the magical fairies may visit your garden when no one is watching, often in the night. Imagine your child’s delight to wake and discover signs of fairy antics or to find they have been left a note or gift.

Children may like to leave gifts for the fairies. Some ideas of what they could leave include:

  • Paintings, drawings or a letter (our white birdhouse makes a great fairy mail box)
  • Edible treats such as fruit, cakes, any produce from your garden
  • Flowers
  • Send notes to the fairies about a goal and the fairies may leave a special reward once the goal is achieved. For example, toilet training, sleeping all night in own bed or keeping room tidy.
  • Leave dummies or bottles for the ‘dummy fairy’. She will take them away for the fairy babies who need them and may leave a gift in return.

Magical fairies love children and will leave things for them to discover, to let them know they are watching over them.

Look out for signs of their antics, which could include:

  • Sprinkling of fairy dust or even a fairy dust rainbow
  • Half eaten foods
  • Fairy mess, such as scattered flowers or leaves, fairy footprints or shoe prints (use glitter or clear nail polish on a leaf or rock)
  • Forgotten personal items if they’ve left in a rush, such as fairy shoes, fairy clothes on the fairy clothes line (coming soon to our store), sparkly trinkets, their fairy pets (maybe a bird, butterfly, pony, dragon or dinosaur), fairy bike, fairy umbrella (eg. a leaf on a stick or flower with stem handle).

Some ideas of gifts they may leave for your child:

  • Fairy notes
  • Bottle of fairy or pixie dust
  • Seeds or seedlings to plant in the garden
  • Interesting items from nature like coloured leaves, leaf skeleton, sea shells, feathers, a cinnamon quell
  • Supplies for a craft activity
  • Bubble mix and pipe cleaners to make bubble wands
  • Cake mix or baking ingredients
  • Recipe which includes produce from the garden (eg. herb biscuits)
  • Scented or sparkling play-dough
  • Sweet treats or fruit basket for afternoon tea
  • Fairy art
  • New dress ups, books or other toys/games
  • Treasure map
Magical fairies love children and will leave things for them to discover, to let them know they are watching over them.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are so many more possibilities for fairy interaction and we would love to hear what you come up with.

3 Responses

  1. We are creating our very own fairy garden and cannot wait to do all these amazing things! So exciting!!!! Thanks for a great product and also awesome after care by supplying great ideas for child interactions.

  2. I’m so excited seeing this site. My daughter is nearly 1yr old, and I can’t wait to be able to build a fairy garden with her (though it may be a little while!!). Everything is just so gorgeous, and has so many wonderful possibilities!!!

  3. Just gorgeous. I am in the process of building a fairy garden for my 2 yr old daughter and 3.5 year old son. I know they will love this as who doesn’t love a little magic in the garden.

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