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Our Fairy Garden Party with Umbrella Tutorial

If you follow My Little Fairy Garden on Instagram then you may have seen the fairy party we set up and decorated for the fairies in our garden.

It was a spontaneous play activity that was inspired when Miss C and her cousin/partner in crime, Miss L, decided to pick ALL the flowers in my garden. What were we going to do with all these flowers? Decorate for a fairy party of course! First Miss C scattered the flowers through the garden and in the pond. Then we collected all the seating from our other fairy gardens and added some party lights, lanterns and flags. Finally we added some treats for them to enjoy while partying.

The next morning, Miss C was delighted to see evidence that the fairies had been. They had moved the seating around, kept themselves warm with a campfire, eaten the treats (well it was either them or the snails!) and left sprinkles of fairy dust all through the garden. Overnight there had been misty rain and we noticed the fairies had also left a couple of their umbrellas behind. These, along with the little campfire, were particularly exciting for Miss C.


Now here’s a secret… I actually saw the fairies making those little umbrellas and I’m going to show you how they did it.

You will need:

    • An artificial flower
    • Wire cutters


    1. Cut the flower away from the bunch and ensure you leave a long enough piece to make the handle later. Note: You may have a flower that doesn’t require steps 2 or 3.
    2. If like this flower you need to remove petals, take the flower apart. Also trim the stamen if required.
    3. Put the flower back together.
    4. Re-attach the stem but coming out from the opposite direction.
    5. If your flower has a wire stem you can bend the end to create a handle for the fairies to hold.

Another simple project which resulted in so much fun and intreage. Miss C even asked if we could leave one by the fairy door in her bedroom for the fairies to magic bigger for her to use on a recent rainy camping trip. – I’ll remember that idea if she ever needs a new umbrella.

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