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Painting Our Fairy Door & Mushroom

Now that my daughter is older (3 1/2) the magic of her fairy garden is really coming to life and her fairy stories are becoming more creative and detailed. She is a true believer and loves the idea that fairies come to visit and play in the garden at night. This new enthusiasm has prompted me to encourage her to add personal touches to her garden.

Over the past few months we’ve been working on some projects together. For her first project, I gave her one of our clay doors and a mushroom to paint in her favourite colours.

We used acrylic paints, available at any craft store. She is loving pink and purple at the moment so insisted on these colours for her accessories.

First she painted the door and mushroom pink.

Next she added magenta and purple circles. She dipped straws into the paint then dotted the colour onto her accessories. She didn’t really have the fine motor control to paint pictures at this stage, so using straws was a simple way for her to add a fun pattern.

I painted some gold detail on the hinges and door knob for her.

The final step was to paint a couple of coats of water based varnish for protection and a gloss finish. I used a hair dryer to speed up the drying process between each step.

Once they were dry it was time to put them into the garden. Miss C was very excited to add her own painted door and mushroom to her garden.

At the time, her garden was growing very well and the fern was taking over so there wasn’t any bare wall to place the door against, but that didn’t bother her. She positioned the door under the arbour then propped it up against a bridge. Apparently it makes a great bed head too because she ripped up the ground cover (babies tears) and piled it in front of the door to make a bed for her fairy statues!

We’ve since given the garden a makeover and taken out most of the fern. The door now has a slightly secretive position against the wall, behind a new fuchsia plant. Miss C is delighted with her door and has offered to paint a door for all her friends so the fairies can visit them too!

If you’ve added any DIY accents or personalised any of our products in your fairy garden, we’d love to hear about it. Or share a photo via our Facebook page or email, to inspire other fairy gardeners.

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