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Product Care and Information

We understand that it’s very exciting to receive your fairy delivery and that you just can’t wait to get it all out into the garden! However, if you take a bit of time (not much, we promise) preparing your item/s and consider the best location in your garden, it will significantly extend their lifespan.

When positioning your items outdoors, a sheltered area is ideal to reduce weathering. This could simply mean placing them in a shaded and protected area of your garden, or in a pot under a patio. You may also choose to bring your items in during extreme weather conditions or after play.

We recommend coating all of your metal and resin items with polyurethane water based varnish (available at craft and hardware stores) to protect against weathering, especially if they receive direct sunlight or excess water. This will help reduce fading of your fairies and other painted resin and polystone items, and rusting of your metal items. The frequency of recoats will vary depending on the position of the item, but generally once or twice per year is sufficient. We personally use a bottle and paint brush to apply the varnish, but there are also spray-on options available.

Wooden, feather and foam items should be kept dry. Polymer clay and glazed/fired natural (earthen) clay items will not weather so do not require varnish or sheltering.

Anything made of metal and kept outdoors will rust, eventually, however on many items this natural weathering adds to the charm and beauty. If a metal item does begin to rust and this does not suit your taste, simply sand away the rust and repaint or coat with varnish. Cast iron products can be treated with Penetrol or similar rust proofing agent.

If wood, resin and polystone items have not been protected and therefore have faded, they can easily be revived with some paint and coated with varnish.

Please note that fairy ornaments and miniature accessories are not toys. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians/carers to consider the age and stage of development of the child and gauge the suitability of our items, as some are hazardous to young children due to the pointed ends, sharp edges or very small size (choking hazard). If not handled with care or dropped on a hard surface, they could break. We recommend that you keep any items of concern out of reach of young children and supervise play. A raised garden/container is a good way to prevent an enthusiastic sibling (toddler) from treading on and breaking your precious items.

Fairy garden miniatures come in many different sizes and do not have a specific scale. Please consider the size when selecting items from different ranges to ensure they will complement each other and your miniature display. Having said that, we have seen firsthand that children are not at all concerned with scale and will create magical scenes with items of all sizes. Older enthusiasts however may like to be more mindful of sizing.

For inspiration, product sizing examples and plant ideas please view our social pages (links below) and gallery page.