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Phlox Fairy Unboxed 1 (Seconds)


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Beautifully hand painted Phlox Flower Fairy figurine. Optional gold string and wire pick included for securing in your display. Comes in a plain white box, not a collector’s display box.

Also available in the Fairy Assortment #6

DAMAGED ITEM: broken/chipped top of cap (see second image). RRP $20.

Made from poly resin.

Song of the Fairy:
In shady shrubby places,
Right early in the year,
I lift my flowers’ faces –
O come and find them here!
My stems are thin and straying,
With leaves of glossy sheen,
The bare brown earth arraying,
For they are ever green.
No great renown have I. Yet who
Does not love Periwinkle’s blue?

Book: Flower Fairies of the Garden

1. Fairy garden miniatures come in many different sizes and do not have a specific scale. Please consider the size when selecting items from different ranges to ensure they will complement each other and your miniature display. Having said that, we have seen first hand that children are not at all concerned with scale and will create magical scenes with items of all sizes. However, older enthusiasts may like to be more mindful of this.
2. Fairy ornaments and miniature accessories are not toys. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians/carers to consider the age and stage of development of the child and gauge the suitability of our items, as some are hazardous to young children due to the pointed ends, sharp edges or very small size (choking hazard). If not handled with care or dropped on a hard surface, they could break. We recommend that you keep any items of concern out of reach of young children and supervise play.
3. Many products on our website are hand painted and/or hand made. Images have been provided for illustrative purposes only and we do no guarantee that any image will reproduce in true colour nor that any given image will reflect or portray the full design or options relating to that product.

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Weight 135 g
Dimensions 9 cm


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